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The AWSUM brand is proudly owned by TieMedia.

AWSUM School News: South Africa's Premier Daily School News Platform

AWSUM School News is proud to be South Africa's leading daily school news publication, keeping parents informed about the latest happenings in schools across the country. Our dedicated team of experienced journalists and writers, who are the schools themselves, ensures that our readers stay up to date with a diverse range of topics, including educational achievements, sports events, cultural activities, and more. By delivering accurate and engaging content, we have become a trusted source of information for parents seeking comprehensive coverage of their children's schools.

What sets AWSUM School News apart is our extensive regional coverage. We publish 22 regional newspapers every quarter, ensuring that parents from various provinces have access to relevant news specific to their local schools and communities. 

Additionally, we understand the significance of big school derbies that captivate the attention of parents across South Africa. To enhance the coverage of these highly anticipated events, we publish special newspaper editions exclusively focused on such derbies.

Our school platform that involve schools on all levels include:

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