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AWSUM Clashes

​The AWSUM Clashes editions profile a vast variety of schools’ sport derbies across the country. These clashes are driven by history and passion. Old boys and girls attend in numbers and parents go all out in supporting their kids.

These inter-schools games attract large crowds, and therefore the event carries big regional significance. The size of the events contribute to the impressiveness and makes it a popular outing for parents and people who do not have children in either of these schools alike. Due to the incredibly intense rivalry and nature of the event, these editions are usually kept as a collector’s item and not a read once only newspaper.

  • Size: Tabloid (60gsm Paper)

  • Reach: 12 500 - 15 000 copies

  • Distribution: Retail Stores, traffic Intersections and handouts at the gates on the day

Some of our recent publications:

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