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The AWSUM App for Schools empower schools by giving them a single app for communication, fundraising, marketing and community building.


  • The AWSUM App is perfect platform for community or regional advertisers to effectively reach their school community audience anytime, anywhere.

  • Cost effective School App sponsorship is a great way to build ongoing loyalty within and around the school community.

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  • Average of 5,3M banner views monthly on the App

  • 00:02:48 average time spent on App

  • Content uploaded / updated daily

  • Can generate a substantial income for the school (School App Sponsorship available at R2,500 p/m)

  • Increase effective communication to all parents and learners

  • Build the school’s brand image

  • Grow or sustain high quality admissions

  • Manage the retention of existing students

  • And maintain a healthy alumni base by not losing touch with past students

  • Creates and strengthens community relationships with your school’s own Preferred Providers

  • Content include:school notifications, match and/or school activity photos, school calendar, homework and latest school news 

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Watch short video of App HERE

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Select the image below for a Fact Sheet on our monthly AWSUM Newspapers

AWSUM Marketing Material AWSUM School Ap



Please select THIS LINK to get a written quote and also check our yearly planning calendar to see which cycle you would like to book for.

  • Media opportunities include programmatic campaigns or

  • A combination of premium and programmatic or

  • Premium placement only campaigns

  • Advertising can be done

    • nationally,

    • regionally (10 regions),

    • a selection of 40 sub-regions or

    • schools specific targeting.

  • School App Sponsorship allows the sponsor to display a banner advert, 

  • Rates: R190 CPM

School Sponsorship Rates


​For more information on School Sponsorship Rates, please select the link below

  • For Primary School App Sponsorship Package click HERE

  • For Additional School App Advertising Opportunities click HERE


Multi-channel cycle campaigns

For an integrated campaign that could include more than just the school app, please click HERE to send a request for information.

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