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Digital space can be booked and bought in a variety of options:

  • Premium campaigns rated at R190 CPM

  • CPC campaigns rated at between R7 - R9 (please inquire through form below)

  • Programmatic campaigns via our partnership agreement with Vodacom

AWSUM Online 3.png

CPC and CPM​ calculator

  • We have added a tool for you to calculate CPC or CPM Rates.

  • There are a number of ways to resolve this

  • Try entering a budget (Total cost)

  • Add a CTR are (0.6% being the average or above - CTR success is dependent on the offer made and the creative message and image to capture the imagination of the consumer)

  • Add the Total cost as budget for the campaign and let the Calculator work

  • For a detailed quote please complete the form provided below or email

Thanks for your request!

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