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The AWSUM media network extends into the social media pages of schools and the people who follow the news shared online.

  • We create a link to every news event posted on the AWSUMNews site and share it on the respective Facebook pages across South Africa.

  • We currently manage 30 regional Facebook pages to cover the extent oif our online reach.

AWSUM Social Media 3.png


  • 30 Regional Facebook Pages

  • Links to online posts shared on relevant pages

  • Schools get copied on links to share on their own Facebook pages

  • Facebook pages used to boost posts from time to time, depending on the content

  • Facebook pages can be used in campaigns to reach specific audiences

  • These campaigns can only be linked to Advertorial product / service posts on the AWSUMNews site

Facebook Pages

Please select the Facebook Page of your choice below to go to the page.



Please select THIS LINK to get a written quote and also check our yearly planning calendar to see which cycle you would like to book for.

  • R1,500 per use of the Facebook pages

  • Should the Facebook post be linked to an advertorial online, the rate will be calculated on a campaign reach requirement basis.

  • For further infromation, please follow the link above.

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