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AWSUM News is a national Afrikaans and English school news website with over 2 000+ schools where schools provide us with well-crafted content.

Our audience are families, specifically moms and dads from schools across the country. They are valuable customers as they have disposable income and can afford products and services, therefore increasing the value of every impression served on our platform. This ensures you maintain top of mind awareness and increases brand association amongst people most likely to convert.

Not only are we able to create specific audience segments, tailored for each campaign, but our audience actively engage across our social platforms, amplifying brand advertising messages.

Online banner displays include a leader-board, MPU’s (250 x 300) and 300 x 600 on desktop views.

Quick facts:

  • 2 040 participating schools around SA provide daily / weekly content

  • Content uploaded / updated daily

  • 230 000 monthly page views

  • 104 000 unique page views

  • Average time spent on site 00:01:03

  • Site bounce rate 1.86%

  • To view the website, click HERE.



Online advertising can be booked in a number of ways. These include: 

  • Premium CPM campaigns at R240 CPM​

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