Print is alive and well at AWSUM News.

  • There is a big demand for Feature, Clash and Events driven newspapers. In fact, it has grown from one Clash edition in 2013 to 300 planned editions for 2020.

  • Our unique distribution model and longevity of the product is our big differentiating factor.

Average Monthly Print:

  • Ave 120 000 copies printed per month

  • 570 000 monthly readers

  • 1200 schools reached through print

  • Distribution directly through the school

  • 4 National Features involving 840 schools

  • 200 Clashes

  • Printed on 60gram paper

Our four national features are

  • 2020 Super Rugby edition: Our annual Super Rugby edition, published per region in January, features school news and is always a highlight of the year. The Super Rugby feature allows advertisers 'all-year' branding as it is a keepsake usually kept for the whole tournament.

  • 2020 School Fixtures edition: AWSUM School Fixtures is a regional newspaper that features local school fixtures. This way parents can have all school fixtures of the region in one paper. Published in February it is just in time for the upcoming season.

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  • 2020 Matric Farewell edition: Published in October, our Matric Farewell Newspaper features top 10 couples per school and is published regionally.​

  • 2020 Achievers edition: Our November Achievers edition is our prestige edition of the year. It is published per region and features that specific regional top school achievers, by school. The parents of the featured schools represent the 'economically active' segment that can afford a wide range products and services. People are curious, and the public focus on these achievers has proven to be a winning recipe.

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AWSUM Clashes

​The AWSUM Clashes editions profile a vast variety of schools’ sport derbies across the country. These clashes are driven by history and passion. Old boys and girls attend in numbers and parents go all out in supporting their kids.

These inter-schools games attract large crowds, and therefore the event carries big regional significance. The size of the events contribute to
the impressiveness and makes it a popular outing for parents and people who do not have children in either of these schools alike. Due to the incredibly intense rivalry and nature of the event, these editions are usually kept as a collector’s item and not a read once only newspaper.

  • Size: Tabloid (60gsm Paper)

  • Reach: 12 500 - 15 000 copies

  • Distribution: Retail Stores, traffic Intersections and handouts at the gates on the day

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