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For over 8 years, AWSUM has ensured that our readers enjoy local school news.

The four AWSUM titles resonate with parents and enhance the sense of community as they look forward to seeing people in the news that they personally know and who share the love of school news. AWSUM is therefore an ideal established, trusted and credible platform to provide advertisers with targeted vehicles to reach economically active parents in South Africa.

Our target audience is house-proud, given their interest in community/local news and sport, and it is therefore no surprise that school news is one of their most popular topics.

“In these uncertain times, it has been a privilege to be able to have actually had our best year of advertising yet,” says Durandt van Zyl, CEO of TieMedia, holding company of the AWSUM brand.

“I think it is also because of the difficult times we find ourselves in that we have been provided the opportunity to print an edition that strikes an emotional chord with our target audiences who share the love of school news. Our readers value the social cohesiveness fostered by our publications”.

Some of our recent publications:

For an integrated campaign that could include more than just the print channel, please click HERE to send a request for information.

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