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The AWSUM App for Schools is a parent-school communication tool that parents use on a daily basis to access important school information, homework, newsletters, push notifications, etc. and is managed by the school. With the average person checking their mobile device every 6 minutes, there has never been a better way to communicate.

Advertisers are offered a ready-built, eager-to-purchase and relevant audience on the app. After all, you want quality interactions with the audience you are trying to reach.

Advertisers will be interested to know that products and services advertised on a school platform play an important role in their purchase decision-making. By advertising your specials on the app, parents will use them to compare prices and find them useful in planning their shopping.

Parents that use the AWSUM App are informed shoppers. Four out of ten people testify that they have bought products as a result of seeing them advertised.

Our app offers advertisers an environment in which they can form lasting emotional connections with consumers. On the AWSUM App you can not only show your specials to the app users, but combined with space to add images and videos, you can keep your brand alive by showing what you and your business are doing to make a difference. This creates stickiness in the mind of the parents, and ultimately, brand loyalty.

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